Foil Boards

2024 Surf Foil Boards

Surf Boards

This year’s prone boards come in a straight-forward lineup that covers every type of riding style, from the early beginners to the pros. Lift Foil’s boards are built for performance and longevity and are designed with a classic look that never goes out of style.

They’re made of full carbon fiber with reinforced mast boxes, so they’re both lightweight and durable. Each board comes with its own carrying case for added protection, a full deck pad, and the hardware you need to mount the foil of your choice.

If you want premium quality and top of the line performance no matter your skill level, look no further than our 2023 lineup.

2024 Wing Foil Boards

Wing Boards

Wing surfing is exploding as a new foiling category and we built a straight-forward board lineup that covers everything and everyone. We have three sizes that are Lift’s versions of small, medium and large. Quality and performance are our top priorities in any build so if you’re looking for a wing board that is top-of-the-line, regardless of your skill level, this is it.

Fun fact: these boards serve really well as crossover prone boards. If you’re looking for a shorter board with more volume you can surf these, no problem. We use them all the time for larger riders, towing behind the efoil, teaching, etc. There are endless ways to have fun with Lift wing boards.

Each board comes equipped with carrying cases to keep your gear pristine for years. They also come with full deck pads that are already installed, hardware to attach the Lift foil of your choice, and foot-strap inserts to rig a 2 or 3 foot strap configuration. Everything you need to rip is included.