Lift eFoil Demo – Sproat Lake


$300  per demo. Please use the form below to book you demo today. If you have any questions please email us at

Zensports has an a team of affiliates with a large fleet of Efoils offering Efoil demos & lessons at a variety of exotic locations across Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

To book a demo at any location other than Sproat lake. Please send an email to  and we will partner you with the Affiliate in your area.

It’s for everyone from total beginners looking for a fun and safe experience to top athletes who are seeking their next thrill. We generally recommend the eFoil for riders: over 16 year of age and under 250 pounds.

The calendar below is for bookings at the Sproat Lake location only!!! 

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The eFoil uses an advanced Lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor that’s mounted on an all-carbon fiber hydrofoil, all controlled with a wireless Bluetooth hand controller. Riders can fly for up to 120 minutes at speeds of 35 mph or more. For more info on the 2024 Lift4 eFoil please click here

eFoil Demo:

  • is for a potential eFoil Buyer who would like to try the product and there is no cost to RIDE before you BUY !   Bring the family down and Demo a LIFT eFoil Today.

eFoil Lesson:

  •  is for someone who may not buy, who has never been on an eFoil but is curious and wants to learn more about how to safely operate an eFoil and fly above the water with us.

Demo or Lesson:

  • An exciting Zensports efoil lesson begins at one of our beautiful and exotic demo locations, or we can come to you if you have water access.
  • Our Qualified instructors will spend 15-30 mins on the beach getting you familiar with the equipment, safety and moving around on the efoil.
  • The water time on one board can be shared between multiple riders, 1-3 is best for ride time.
  • Almost ANYONE who wants to TRY eFoiling can as we can govern the remote so each rider can progress at their own pace.
  • eFoiling can be enjoyed laying down, kneeling, sitting, or standing.
  • The lesson lasts the length of one full battery charge, which can take 1-2 hrs depending on several factors.
  • A wet suit is recommended but not required.  Zensports has a limited amount of wet suit options available.
  •  Hemet and Vest are recommend, if you have either please bring your own for comfort and fit, we have helmets and vests available.


  • The basic lesson is one board and one full battery charge for $300  ( plus 5%TAX )
  • A second battery can be added for an additional $210 (5% Tax Inc)
  • Each Additional eFoil is $300 ( plus 5%TAX )