Surf/Classic Wings


Two-piece Surf Series Designs.

Our new surf series designs are a two piece construction where the front and back wings are interchangeable for easy transport and multiple configurations. When put together, they make the same hydrodynamic shape of our classic foil designs that reduce drag and turbulence through the water.

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Front wing designs:

– 170 Surf
This is a great wing for more advanced surfing. It offers greater speeds and more maneuverability. It has the ability to pump back out to catch multiple wings in a set. When riding a wave, nobody will catch you and your cutbacks are going to be sharp and fast.

– 200 Surf
Built off of our classic 200. Plug and play with this addition. The 200 has been an industry favorite for novice riders to world champions. It has an excellent balance of speed, maneuverability and foot. You can do anything on the 200.

– 250 Surf
This is our big mama in the wing collection. The 250 offers superior float and stability over our other designs. Great for riding smaller waves, stand up paddle boarding and down wind riding. The 250 is a slam dunk option on the eFoil. It’s larger, more stable design can turn any new rider into a hero. Just sit back and enjoy the flight. The 250 is also a great option for advanced riders using a folding propeller and gliding down swells.

Rear wing designs:

– 50 Back Wing Surf.
This is our largest stabilizer back wing in our two piece surf series. This is the same back wing on all of our one-piece wings. Use the 50 for more stability and a deeper thrust when pumping.

– 40 Back Wing Surf.
This is the sporty back wing in our two piece surf series. Use the 40 for more maneuverability, faster speeds and higher rpm when pumping the foil.

Classic Wing Designs.
These are our signature single piece foil wing design that offers increased strength and hydrodynamics while reducing weight and drag.  They offer an easy assembly and come with a wing cover for easy breakdown and protection.

– 110 Classic.
A kite standard.
A fast and advanced eFoil option for high speed riding in smoother waters.
An advanced tool for surfers that want to tow into some real wave volume.

– 150 Classic.
A mid size kite wing.
A faster option for an eFoil good for smooth waters. Also a good option for lightweight riders under 140 lbs.

– 170 Classic
A large easy rider for kite surfing. Good for bigger guys or slower riding in the surf. The 170 matches well to the speed of a wave.
A standard for our 5’0″ eFoil. The 170 is versatile in that it offers stability, float and speed all in one package. One of our favorites.

– 200 Classic.
An industry favorite for surfing. It’s lightweight design and smooth flow is butter under the feet. It offers an excellent balance of float, speed and maneuverability.
An easy ride for the eFoil. This wing is a standard with our 5’6″ board design and offers more stability for an easy glide.