Surf Foil Board Package


This is our limited edition foil surf boards, available in three sizes.

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4’6 Blue board:  Our 4’6 surfboard is small, yet it’s width allows for enough volume to get to the line up. Once your up on foil, it’s size allows you total freedom. Specs: 4’6 x 22″. 36 liters

5’0 Orange board:  Our 5’0 surfboard is perfect if you’re looking for more agility and tighter turns with your foil.  This board also has ample volume for paddling, even with its small size. Specs: 5’0 x 21.75″. 40 liters

5’10 White board: Our 5’10 board is perfect If you’re getting into surf foiling, with great stability and ample volume for paddling. Specs: 5’10” x 22.5″. 50 liters.

These boards are shaped by Sean Ordonez in a limited edition collaboration with Lift Foils. These boards are only available in the color of their size (blue for 4’6, orange for 5’0, white for 5’10)

Current Surf Foil Setups

28″ strut w/ 170Surf & 40Surf – Our 28″ mast with the new two-piece surf wing, preferable for advanced surfing. It offers greater speeds and more maneuverability. It has the ability to pump back out to catch multiple wings in a set.

28″ strut w/ 200Surf & 50Surf – Our 28″ mast with the new two-piece surf wing, built off of our classic 200. The 200 has been an industry favorite for novice riders to world champions. It has an excellent balance of speed, maneuverability and foot. You can do anything on the new 200Surf.

28″ strut w/ 250Surf & 50Surf – Our 28″ mast with the 250 offers superior float and stability over our other designs. Great for riding smaller waves, stand up paddle boarding and down wind riding.

With a foil under your board, surfing becomes extraordinary. On any given day, you can fly with the smooth sensation only found on the best days in the world of surfing. Not to mention the foil increases the ride three times the distance so you get three times the surf.

Our masts come standard with a 4 hole baseplate.


The board comes with all necessary hardware & drop ships from our Florida warehouse. The foil will ship from our warehouse in Puerto Rico.

Like all Lift Foil limited collaborations, our product sells out! Get yours while it lasts.

*Price includes shipping to the US. Please contact us for an international shipping quote.