Wings & Masts

2024 Wings

Surf V2 Lineup

Balance, efficiency and versatility

Lift’s new Surf V2 Lineup has been carefully crafted for efficiency, balance and versatility.

This new range of wings are “mid aspect”–meaning that the wing span offers a true balance between efficiency and turning, working for multiple foil disciplines.

Whether surfing, eFoiling or sailing, riding on our new mid-aspect lineup will lower resistance, and increase the ability to carve an aggressive turn. Experience the balance for yourself.

Camber Pro Wings

Lift offers optimal carbon fiber wing designs with superior strength and performance in a variety of sizes.

We’ve tested and fine-tuned every detail, including size, shape, and angles, to engineer wings that maximize control and stability and minimize unnecessary drag.

Our smoothest eFoil wings to date.

We’ve fine-tuned the shapes and curves for an even more balanced feel for the rider.

High Aspect Wings

Our high aspect wing lineup hit the market in 2024 with truly unprecedented success–we’ve never gotten so much positive feedback from so many foil riders of all kinds – surf, sail, wake, eFoil, the Lift high aspect lineup has made its mark.
If you are looking for the best efficiency of any wing on the market with Lift’s signature speed and maneuverability, look no further.

2024’s  high aspect wings have undergone a few tweaks in the construction for ultimate responsiveness, and we’ve added in a smaller size to broaden the lineup. These wings are ultra-tuned for performance; entry level riders are encouraged to start with the surf lineup.

Tail Wings

Our Lift tail wings (backs) are all new for 2024. We designed our tail wings as a lineup to have a ride experience for everyone and everything.

Our tail wings this year have a slightly longer fuselage, this means faster drawn out turns and a more uniform balance with our front wings.

The larger wings offer more stability and less movement with the cost of added drag. The smaller wings are going to be faster (due to less drag) and are more maneuverable because they are less stable.

When choosing your back, remember that smaller wings lock in at higher speeds and larger wings are better for lower speeds.

Flow Series

Glide Series

Surf Series

Carve Series

Surf Masts

Our masts this year come in three sizes, the 28” Standard, 32” Mid and the longer 36” Sail. Every mast is all-carbon-fiber and they perform better than ever.

The M2 Series masts feature the stiffest high-modulus carbon fiber we can get our hands on, with the same ultra-efficient mast profile featured in our Classic Series.

The masts may not look much different from previous generations, but the construction has been fine tuned with a new, proprietary premium carbon fiber blend for improved control and response.

We’ve dialed in the flex patterns of the materials– in our decade of creating foils, this process has emerged as the key to achieving the ultimate ride (we compare it to using higher quality wood in a musical instrument).

If you’re wondering about the difference this generation of Lift masts makes, this is a truly premium ride experience.