Lift Efoil

Lift are the creators of the original eFoil. They’ve combined the modern technology of electric vehicles with a decade of hydrofoil design expertise for an elegant and sophisticated ride. Allowing riders of all abilities to fly with power, silence, and complete control, our eFoil is no longer a dream or a prototype! We’ve been in full production for over a year, bringing the exhilarating feeling of flight over water to hundreds of riders all over the world. Just $300 to Demo.

The Power Of Flight

Wake – Boarding, Surfing, Foil

You’ve heard of wake boarding. Towed behind a boat similar to water skiing, but have you heard of wake surfing?  Start off getting towed behind the boat and then let go of the rope and surf the wake. Now let’s try it on a foil board that lets you ride a smaller wave. Lots of fun for beginners and advanced riders. Demo the newest products by Lift!

Wingfoiling – Boarding, Surfing

Zensports was the first to offer kite boarding lessons many years ago. Now they are the first to offer Wingfoiling Demos.